Hydraulic system

Axial, Variable Displacement Pump with Load Independent post compensated valve. Over centre valves on all functions. 143 LPM

Moldboard tilt angle

40° Forward & 5° Backward

Other standard features

Front Mounted Scarifier, Fully Enclosed Air-Conditioned Cabin, & Electronic Display Gauge

Cab and Controls

  • Ergonomically designed with topliner HVAC
  • Hydraulic pilot operated valves
  • Tilt-able steering column from Cobo, Italy
  • An Interactive diagnostic with programmable interlocks
  • Advanced electronic gauge display

Maximum Speed

F: 43 kmph & R: 30 kmph

Optional attachments

  • Front Dozer
  • Push block
  • Heavy duty Rear-Ripper-cum-Scarifier
  • Mid-mounted Scarifier
  • 14 feet Moldboard
  • Rear view camera