Hydraulic system

Open loop, Variable displacement, Summation Horsepower Control, Negacon System


Heavy-duty, triple grouser shoe profile undercarriage from Berco, Italy

Swing System

Rothe Erde slewing ring. Driven by a Kawasaki swing motor + gear box with dynamic hydraulic brakes and static brakes with a 5 second delay ramp.

Cab and Controls

  • Power boost, auto-idle and infinitely variable power modes for economy and productivity modes.
  • Ergonomically designed cabin with a reclining 150° reclining, adjustable seat and HVAC
  • Differential piston joysticks for highly cushioned operations..
  • Foot pedals provided for traction along with inching levers.
  • Advanced electronic, centralized integrated display with drill and hole parameters, compressor controls and all warning icons included.
  • Troubleshooting screen incorporated into the display for faster resolution of issues.

Drill Pack

  • Hole Size: 165 mm
  • Rotary Head: Rotation Speed (Variable) with 0-100 rpm and a Max Torque of 3390 Nm
  • Feed System: Motor Driven Chain System with 210 Bar operating pressure.
  • Water Injection Pump
  • Dust Collector: Cyclone with Cartridge filtration with a hydraulic drive and auto cleaning through compressed air.

Optional attachments & features

  • Carousel rod changer
  • Drilling efficiency indicator
  • Automatic fire suppression system that uses Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable for detection and dry chemical powder for fire suppression.