The RB-48, SweepPro, and Challenger 6 brooms are your choice for maneuverability, visibility, reliability and profitability for a variety of sweeping applications. From the safety and comfort of the all-season cab, the operator controls brush pressure, sweeping angle and speed with responsive joystick broom control and hydrostatic drive and steering. Rosco brooms also feature the innovative quick-change brush core system. The new Challenger 6 features a powerful Sweepster brush. Rosco brooms suit contractor needs from construction site and landfill cleanup to heavy-duty road milling operation cleanup.


  • 7'-6" Quick-Change Brush
  • Two-Door ROPS Climate Controlled Cab
  • Engine choice: 74 HP Tier 4i Turbo Diesel Kubota or Cummins Engine
  • Curb Brush Option
  • Brush Down-Pressure Control
  • 150-Gallon Water Tank and Spraybar
  • Joystick Controls
  • Strike-Off Blade Option