Backhoe Loaders 699

New Generation Backhoe loaders geared to perform under extreme duty cycles and tough environmental conditions.

Actuation Control

Hydraulic-pilot operated Joysticks on Backhoe side. Cable remote joystick on the loader side.

Hydraulic system

Closed Center with Post-compensated, Anti-saturation, Flow-sharing valves with Variable Displacement, Axial Piston Pump.

Heavy duty 4 section, side-by-side aluminum heat exchanger

Cab and Controls

  • Ergonomically designed with Air conditioning
  • Front and side control panels
  • Dual axis joysticks for backhoe and loader functions
  • Adjustable steering column;
  • Operator seat with 180° swivel , mechanical suspension which is adjustable to operator’s body weight and retractable seatbelt;

Optional attachments & features

  • Extended dipper
  • Rock breaker piping kit
  • Sandvik Bretec. M7 Pin on (Chisel : BA071, Weight : 380 kg)
  • Sandvik Rammer 777 HOT (Chisel : BJ701, Weight : 385 kg)
  • Sandvik Rammer 999 HOT (Chisel : BJ801, Weight : 505 kg)
  • Insta-i Telematics (Trimble, USA)