Backhoe Loaders 679

New Generation Backhoe loaders geared to perform under extreme duty cycles and tough environmental conditions.

Actuation Control

Mechanical linkage operated control valves on backhoe side and cable remote joystick on loader side

Hydraulic system

Open-center hydraulic system with a tandem gear pump

Cab and Controls

  • Ergonomically designed fully enclosed cabin
  • Front and side control panels
  • Dual axis joysticks for loading function
  • Dual axis mechanical lever control for reverse function
  • Adjustable steering column;
  • Operator seat with 180° swivel , mechanical suspension which is adjustable to operator’s body weight and retractable seatbelt;

Optional Features & Attachments

  • Extended dipper
  • Rock breaker piping kit
  • Sandvik Bretec. M7 Pin on (Chisel : BA071, Weight : 380 kg)
  • Sandvik Rammer 777 HOT (Chisel : BJ701, Weight : 385 kg)
  • Sandvik Rammer 999 HOT (Chisel : BJ801, Weight : 505 kg)
  • Insta-i Telematics (Trimble, USA)